Does my Life Insurance cover a Helicopter Crash?

The answer is yes and no. All life insurance policies have accidental death benefits. The only distinction is the nature of the accident and if it was voluntary. This may sound a little odd since no one would want to voluntarily cause an accident, certainly not something as severely dangerous as a helicopter crash. Yet, there is a provision of a voluntary accident in the jargon used by insurance companies.


Anyone with an insurance policy from online at for their life will have the accidental death benefits paid to the beneficiary or beneficiaries. The accident could be on the road, whether the insured individual is driving or is a passenger in the car. It could be a train accident or a plane crash. Anyone flying with any airline will always have complete coverage as assured by the policy in the event of a crash leading to death. However, the coverage is not applicable if the insured individual is flying the plane. This extends to helicopters as well. An insured person can ride a helicopter as a passenger and if it crashes then the coverage will apply. The concept of a voluntary accident in the jargon used by insurance companies pertains to this factor of control. If the insured person is flying the helicopter, then she or he is in control of the aircraft and hence is not dependent on the pilot or anyone else. An accident caused in such an instance will render the death benefits or the coverage null and void.


Such an exemption is not confined to a helicopter crash. It could be a private plane or jet. A person could be flying a helicopter or airplane for pleasures or for business. If such a person needs affordable life insurance to cover a crash, according to one must opt for a specific policy meant for pilots. The same exemption extends to all kinds of adventurous activities involving planes. Aviation activities such as sports flying, crop dusting, aerobatics flying or just jumping out of an airplane are also exempted from coverage. This is a reason why people opt for a special insurance policy if they are planning skydiving.


If you are someone who intends to fly a helicopter then you should consider getting online life insurance for a pilot. If you are only riding a helicopter as a passenger from one place to another and are worried about coverage in the unfortunate event of a crash, then you can rest assured that the accidental death benefits will be available.